MODENA, Ny. (WANE) — As the leaves change color and the temperatures start dropping, it’s time for another sign that fall has arrived – corn mazes!

“Most people that come- can’t miss it. It’s like, you have to do the corn maze,” says Sarah Potenza, who works on Hurds Family Farm, a 7th-generation farm in Modena, New York.

It may seem simple, but this classic fall family activity actually takes a lot of work to create. The farm has been creating two-acre corn maze puzzles for many years. Potenza says they actually start drawing up designs eight months ahead of time. “In December, we have a little conversation as a family, brainstorm ideas.”

Potenza says her sister-in-law puts the ideas on graph paper, figuring out the field’s exact dimensions. Come June, it’s time to plant. Every stalk has to grow in just the right spot.

“We put actual little flags out in both directions to make the square and then we just take it from the grid, and we lay it on there,” Potenza says.

The next step is sending up drones to get a bird’s eye view of the maze and make sure it can be solved. Then, they tend the field until the corn is about 8 feet tall.

Potenza says yes, people do get lost in the mazes. “I’ve had to rescue people a few times.”

The corn only lasts for a few months- but it doesn’t go to waste. Most farms repurpose the corn as animal feed.