FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The popular electric scooters are back in the Summit City for the 2023 season.

VeoRide Inc. has already begun redeploying its scooters throughout the city with April 1 being the official date of the scooters returning.

Olivia Ortega, partnerships and policy manager for Veo, said last year they deployed around 500 scooters in Fort Wayne, but this year they plan to put out more due to the increased demand in the city.

“This year we worked with the city to get approved for a little bit of an increase,” Ortega said. “People can expect to see about 550-600 vehicles this year. We’ll start with the same number as last year and as demand ramps up during the summer, we’ll be able to put more out there.”

The same model scooters that people stand on will be redeployed for this year. Another model they make has a seat on it and is a very popular model in other cities across the United States.

She said that model will not be introduced yet to Fort Wayne.

“People should expect updates throughout the rest of the year on whether new models of scooters will be brought into the city, but people should expect the stand up scooters for this year,” she said.

Veo scooters have been in Fort Wayne since September 2019.

Veo will be having 11 hub locations across Fort Wayne this year that will be designated areas for people to find scooters ready to use.

The list includes:

• West Superior St. and Harrison St.
• AEP Plaza on West Wayne St. and South Calhoun St.
• Pontiac Mall at 1108 East Pontiac St.
• Outside Mad Anthony Brewing Co. at 2002 Broadway
• 1213 Fairfield Ave.
• 301 West Jefferson Blvd. (intersection with Ewing St.)
• 3rd St. and Wells St. Bus Stop
• 5th St. and Wells St. Bus Stop
• Northside Park Bus Pad (intersection of East State Blvd. and St. Joseph Blvd.)
• Three Rivers Apartment Bus Stop (intersection of East Superior St. and Lafayette St.)
• Electric Works (Swinney Ave. and Broadway)

Last year, Veo saw 120,000 people ride its scooters throughout the city, traveling more than 300,000 miles.