FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The staple sound of an Ice Cream Truck heading down the neighborhood block could be moving to a thing of the past in Fort Wayne. However, one local Ice Cream parlor has its own spin on the average mobile ice cream truck, a trike.

Brooklyn Pints Microcreamery uses a trike to transport packaged ice cream goods to events.

Brian Therkildsen, Co-Owner of Brooklyn Pints Microcreamery, said it may look small, but they’ve used it to supply weddings with over a hundred guests.

Therkildsen said they inherited it from the previous ice cream shop owners who were housed at that same location, West Central Microcreamery and wanted to keep it going.

“It’s such a fun idea. It’s an easier way to get around and we don’t just store a big truck somewhere, but it catches peoples’ eyes,” Therkildsen said.

As far as traditional Ice Cream Trucks go, he says he believes they may be leaving Fort Wayne.

“I’m used to seeing the one that was like the yellow and white striped ones and that really classic song, Therkildsen said, “But I haven’t seen that around and living in New York there’s plenty of those types of trucks around still, but I think during that time when we were there, and when we moved back, I haven’t seen that truck at all.”

WANE 15 reached out to the Allen County Department of Health to see who holds seasonable mobile ice cream permits. This only covers the selling of pre-packaged ice cream. For example, it allows for a moveable cart to sell pre-packaged ice cream.

There are only four companies that hold the permit in Allen County: The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, Brooklyn Pints Microcreamery; Frozen Spoon; and Rusty’s Ice Cream.

Rusty’s Ice Cream was known for their ice cream truck but said the truck has largely retired now that they have a physical building. Rusty’s owner said they still use the truck to cater large events and employee celebrations.