FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Tuesday, Fort Wayne City Council is expected to hear from city attorneys about the troubles with Red River Waste Solutions.

Trash pickup – or lack there of, continues to be an ongoing headache for many people in the city. One resident that lives in the Nebraska neighborhood said his trash hasn’t been picked up since New Year’s Day.

Red River said the weeks-long delay is because of COVID hitting many drivers, but residents in the Nebraska neighborhood said the trash pick up was always late, long before COVID.

“Well I surely don’t like the property looking like this,” said Jon Swerens, a resident who lives in the Nebraska neighborhood. “Especially with my neighbors, they have a lot more than I do right now. They have to keep piling it up and hope that the racoons don’t get to it.”

It’s been two weeks since Swerens’ garbage has been picked up, the longest stretch he’s experienced for non-pick up.

His situation isn’t unique, many residents in the city have formed a mountain of complaints against the waste company. Swerens understands that COVID is sidelining some of the workers, but he is frustrated that he is being left in the dark.

“Is it going to be another week? Is it going to be another day? No one really knows, and I am guessing the city doesn’t really know either,” Swerens said. “Do I take it back? Do I just leave it on the curb? We just have to leave it on the curb all the time now.”

In the latest chapter in this long storybook of red river versus the city, council members recently held a press conference to propose steps for city administration to take regarding missed trash pickups.

But for residents like Swerens, the waiting game for a solution is making him feel powerless. He is calling on city officials to push the state to change the law regarding how the city must select a waste management company.