FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Changes have been announced for the Three Rivers Ambulance Authority, and they’re set to happen in the near future.

Its current contract with Patient Care Logistics has yielded less than satisfactory results in the past. The authority’s Executive Director, Joel Benz, has said changes are likely not to happen until September.

However, that doesn’t mean that TRAA isn’t trying to fix its current situation. A big issue is understaffing.

Benz has said 80 employees is the number needed for everything to run smoothly. Since June, its numbers have dipped to 65 employees.

To fill the gap, TRAA has brought in help from external agencies and trained its own employees through a program called “earn as you learn.”

The program allows learning on the job, and payment as you learn.

Benz is hopeful that the program will become a future pipeline of EMTs.

“I think that is one piece of what we need to get to that point [having 80 employees]. I think as we do a better job of advertising it, it potentially can be utilized more to get us to the right spot.”

This past month, contractors were used for 206 calls. Over the past 90 days, that has averaged out to about six calls being given to external agencies every day.

As for the new contract, Benz expressed that the board has given him the authority to take over operations. Because there isn’t pen on paper for a new contract, he says he can’t say much of anything.

To see employment opportunities with TRAA, you can head to its website.