FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — “We’re not a food truck. We’re not a restaurant. We’re new. We’re tiny little donuts.”

And they’re still not open.

The shiny Airstream trailer has been parked in the Chapel Ridge parking lot off Maysville Road since November, 2022. The company added electrical power and a deck. Water for cleaning will be stored in large containers, while water for cooking will come from bottles.

Shop manager Jacob Guge was waiting patiently Friday when he met with WANE 15 for a status update. He sympathized with the regulatory agencies tasked with opening the store.

“Similar to a food truck, we have wheels and operate in a trailer,” Guge began. “Similar to a restaurant, we stay in place all the time. And the customers actually come inside of the unit to see their food made hot and fresh.”

Guge said the store will exceed all health and sanitary regulations. If it were simply classified as a food truck, it would be required to move every day and contract with a commercial kitchen, which it doesn’t need, since all items are shelf-stable.

“This is its home. We want to leave it here. We don’t want to move it.”

Guge said the store has an important meeting next week which might resolve the wait. He has used the delay to practice the warmth he wants each customer to feel.

“We’re very optimistic. The patience, perseverance and kindness will all pay off. And that’s what the business is all about. The kindness and the generosity. So yeah, we’re persevering and we know that it’ll all be worth it in the end.”

The ‘tiny little donuts’ concept originated in Tennessee.