FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The band, ‘Brother,’ has had a grip on Fort Wayne for 20 years, at one point playing more than 100 shows per year.

Now, the group is ready to pass the drumsticks to the next generation of rockers.

They tried to hang it up in January, but after a mishap with a show, they decided they needed one more performance.

“Unfortunately, because of capacity issues, there is a lot of people that got tickets that couldn’t see the show that night,” said Mikey Magdich. “Chris looked at me and said ‘we need to do another show.'”

While the band has had a rotating cast list over the 20 years, they say that the performers for the last show will consist of many ‘original members,’ including the three brothers the band is named after – Chris Magdich, Mark Magdich, and Mikey Magdich. Michael Campbell will also join.

“When we started it, we had no idea where it was going,” Mark Magdich said.

While sitting down with WANE 15, the band discussed some of their favorite memories from inception until now, like the time they opened for Grand Funk Railroad at Foellinger Theatre.

“We hit the last note and the place was so jam-packed that they had people in the aisles,” Mikey said. “He hit that note and went higher, and I watched 2,500 people go nuts, I thought the roof was going to come down.”

That memory and others are captured in this video.

Their final concert starts at 9 p.m. at Mitchell’s Sports Bar & Grill on Saturday. For more information you can visit Mitchell’s website.