FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — On Oct. 12, a six-story section of St. Joseph Hospital in downtown Fort Wayne was demolished.

Now, the rest of the structure isn’t far off.

Megan Hubartt, Director of Communications with Lutheran Health Network, told WANE 15 in an email Thursday “there is a final planned collapse to bring down that section sometime between this [Thursday] evening and tomorrow [Friday] afternoon.”

WANE 15 expected the structure to be leveled Friday but it didn’t happen. Crews said they will make another attempt early Saturday morning.

And with the last structure nearing its fall, the rest of the project is also eyeing a wrap-up.

“Unless weather holds us up now, we will have it all hauled off and filled in with stone by Jan. 1 or Dec. 31,” said William Britt, the owner of Britt Demolition and Recycling, the contractor on the project.

Britt said the project has taken longer than usual since they have not been able to use explosives due to the building’s proximity to other downtown buildings.

However, the lack of explosions was questioned by some when large segments of the building fell on Oct. 12.

“We could not use explosives; we did not use explosives,” Britt said. “We got a call today from the city officials because they saw the video of the last part of it falling. It looked like it was explosives, but it wasn’t, it was just the way we planned it.”

The demolition has also yielded a number of scrap components.

Britt said that outside of copper and other typical components that can be salvaged from buildings, there was also some leftover medical equipment left behind.

“They left a lot of medical stuff in it,” Britt said.

Britt said his sister takes care of finding homes for the leftover medical equipment involved in demolitions like this one.

“She will give the hospital stuff away,” Britt said. “A lot of stuff went overseas that she gave away to disadvantaged companies.”