FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A young Fort Wayne couple recuperating from what could have been an even more tragic hit-and-run crash Saturday evening are asking the public for help.

Louis Bunnell and Amanda Ackermann were traveling on a motorcycle west on East Washington Boulevard when the driver of a dark gray Toyota 4-Runner ran a red light at Lafayette Street and hit them as they crossed the intersection, Ackermann told WANE 15 Monday.

Although the crash was caught on a camera, the license plate was too blurred for police to identify it, Ackermann said. WANE 15 has reached out to the Fort Wayne Police Department in a public records request for camera footage of the accident.

Ackermann said her husband locked his brakes and the bike went rolling on its side, perhaps sparing them both from death. She went behind the vehicle and landed on her wrist, breaking it and had to have stitches to her knees.

Bunnell and Ackermann were both wearing helmets during the crash, and Ackermann also had a protective vest on.

“I landed on my head really hard. I have a black eye,” Ackermann said.

She added that her head is recovering from the hit.

“I’m OK compared to my husband,” the 28-year-old said. “The car completely ran over him. “

Bunnell, 29, is still at the hospital with a broken femur and broken ribs.

“We were coming down (the street). We got the green. We weren’t even close. When we came up to it, he immediately locked his brakes,” Ackermann said. “The bike went rolling on its side. I went behind. He went right in the middle of the rear of the vehicle that rolled on top of him.”

Ackermann said she “blacked out, got up and saw a lot of people around” them.

“Someone came up and said she was a nurse and helped me take off my gear. I looked over and I see my husband laying on the ground. His bone was poking out,” said Ackermann, describing her husband’s femur bone. “It was sticking out.”

Bunnell now has a rod at the break and it’s predicted it will be “a couple of months” before he can return to work as a welder, Ackermann said.

Ackermann, who works for the post office, said the couple has health insurance. What they really want is for the driver of that car to be held accountable.

“We want to make it right,” Ackermann said.