FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Brandon Miles, the brother of the late Terrance Miles, expressed disappointment after a five-year sentence was given to a man connected to his brother’s killing.

“He basically got a get out of jail free card with the five-year sentence,” said Miles.

Terrence Miles, a family man and servant of the community, was gunned down in 2017 outside of East Central Towers apartments. Henry Underwood and Jaevin Bowie were the two men arrested and charged with the murder of Miles.

Bowie took a plea deal to lesser charges and agreed to testify against Underwood; however, Underwood was found not guilty of the murder of Miles in early October.

“We were praying for the best, but received the worst news possible, we went through all of that only to be let down again with the first trial, and now we were let down with the five-year sentence.”

Brandon Miles

Bowie said he would answer any questions the family might have about Miles’ murder.

“I wouldn’t consider it, only because I still have a lot of anger built up inside and even if I was to eventually forgive him I still feel like I could never personally sit down and have a one-on-one conversation with him,” expressed Miles.

Miles said he has no ill will toward anyone. He said families that are going through the same situation should not put their faith in the justice system but put their faith in God.