(CBS) Summer driving season is here which can be dangerous for younger drivers. Teen drivers can be easily distracted and don’t have the experience behind the wheel to avoid a crash. That’s part of the reason teenagers are three times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident compared to older drivers, according to the CDC.

A new report identifies the cars that can help teens stay safe on the road. Consumer Reports’ Jennifer Stockburger says it’s important for parents to make sure new drivers have the right kind of car. Stockburger says, “you want to get as much safety, as you can afford.”

Consumer Reports teamed up with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to create a list of new and used cars for teen drivers. There are 90 vehicles ranging in price from $6,400 to nearly $40,000.
Click here for the list: https://www.iihs.org/ratings/safe-vehicles-for-teens

All received high marks for reliability and crash avoidance. The vehicles also performed well in crash tests.
“It’s really important to select a vehicle for a teen that will help protect them if they do get in a crash. You want them to have as much protection as you can afford,” says IIHS President David Harkey.

Newer vehicles have better technology to help prevent an accident in the first place. Stockburger says, “What I think you want to do is skew to that crash avoidance side, what are the features that can keep them out of that crash knowing their judgment isn’t there. How can the car help them be better drivers?” Stockburger says parents should steer clear of sports cars and stick with safety.