Stay safe on lakes and river with tips from DNR

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Water safety is very important throughout the year but especially in the summer time.

As the temperatures get warmer, swimming, paddling and boating in Indiana/Michigan waters are popular ways to cool off, but time on the water can end in preventable tragedies.

According to an Indiana Conservation Officer, going into a lake or pond is different than going into a river. You don’t typically have a lot of currents in lakes or ponds and there is better visibility. In the river, there are currents that can take you off your feet and push you down stream. And the strength of the currents depends on the water conditions.

“You could be standing in ankle deep water and within a few steps you may hit a hole that’s six to 10 or 12 feet deep. And if you’re not an experienced swimmer, when you factor the current into that, that can make a lethal combination,” said Sgt. Patrick Heidenreich.

Sgt. Heidenreich adds that if you are going to go in the the river or any body of water, you should wear a life jacket or something you can throw to shore to have an exit out the water.

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