FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Staff at Summit Middle School found a folding knife in a student’s lunch box Wednesday, according to a letter sent out to families.

No one was harmed with the knife, according to Park Ginder, the superintendent of Southwest Allen County Schools.

Early Wednesday morning, students reported that a student may have had a knife at school. A school resource officer searched the student and their belongings, finding a knife in their lunch box, the letter said.

The student was then removed from school. The message said the student did not use the knife to threaten anyone.

“Students that bring dangerous items or weapons to school will receive consequences in accordance with the SACS Board approved Student Handbook, as well as State and Federal law,” Ginder said.

The knife found Wednesday comes after an unloaded gun was found in a student’s backpack at the same school on Monday.

In the message, Ginder called on parents to communicate with their kids to help prevent these situations in the future. Read the full letter here:

A letter from Southwest Allen County Schools details an incident in which staff found a folded knife in a student's lunch box at Summit Middle School.

SACS families and caregivers,

Earlier this morning, administrators at Summit Middle School were alerted that a student may be in possession of a knife at school. Immediate action was taken by school personnel and law enforcement and the student was removed from class. The student and belongings were searched by our SRO and a folding knife was found in a lunch box. The student was removed from the building.  

We recognize that a weapon at school is considered a threat but, at no time did the student use the knife toward them self or others. Weapons of any kind are prohibited on school grounds. Students that bring dangerous items or weapons to school will receive consequencesin accordance with the SACS Board approved Student Handbook, as well as State and Federal law.

As I said earlier this week, we all must play a role in maintaining a safe learning environment for our students. We commend those students who reported this to staff. We encourage everyone if they see or hear something to say something, but this is not enough. Parents, we need your help, support, and partnership.   

Talk to your students: Keeping the lines of communication open with your children and teens is the most important step to keeping involved with their schoolwork, friends and activities;

Set clear rules, limits, and expectations for your children at home and at school. Fighting, weapons and general disobedience disrupt a school community;

Start important age-appropriate discussions with children, even if the topics are difficult e.g., mental health, violence, weapons, drugs and alcohol…;

Remain vigilant: Securely store firearms and weapons out of reach/access of children;  

Don’t be afraid to intervene: Parents need to step in and be involved when children exhibit behavior and attitudes that could potentially harm them or others;

Reach out for help: Contact the school if you feel you or your student needs additional support or assistance. Not only does our district employ incredible counselors, we have community resources available for students and our families.

There is nothing more important than the safety and of our students and staff. Our children deserve to feel and be safe in our schools. Asking for your help is not a deflection of responsibility, it is a necessary and vital component of safety.

Thank you,

Park D. Ginder, Ph.D., Superintendent

Southwest Allen County Schools