DEKALB COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) — A Spencerville family lost their home over the weekend after a fire sparked underneath the house and tore all the way through the roof.

Mitchel and Amanda Weirich told WANE 15 they were out Christmas shopping and were just about ready to go pick up their two sons from grandma and grandpa’s house when they got a call they couldn’t believe.

They rushed home to find tall flames and a handful of fire engines. Nothing was salvageable, and they lost their three dogs and three cats.

Mitchel said they were at the scene until 3:30 in the morning, and once they woke up the next day, it all started to sink in.

An image of a home that was lost in a house fire in Spencerville along North County Line Road E. Photo taken 12/19/22.

They tell WANE 15 they’re thankful they weren’t home when it happened.

“We lost some things. Unfortunately, we lost some pets, but the big thing was that we were all safe, and we’re all OK, all four of us,” he said.

One of the dogs was a longtime companion who was part of Mitchel’s proposal to Amanda. Another was a new puppy they family recently got.

They said their oldest loved being around the puppy and both of their sons will miss it.

“They’re devastated about that,” Mitchel said.

The Weirichs were told by the fire arson specialist team that they believe there was an electrical issue right next to the propane regulator under the house. It spread through the house quickly.

It’s something you’d never want to have happen to you, especially around the holidays.

“It’s terrible timing, but at the same time I’m thankful that it kind of was this time because they don’t have school right now. So, we don’t have to worry about how that will impact them,” he said. “They can have this little bit of a break to take it all in and not have to add school and stuff on top of it.”

Since the fire, the Weirichs have seen nothing but love and support from the community. The want to thank everyone who has supported them in one way or another.

“I knew we had a really good community. I work at the church over on County Line and just the people there have always been willing to help with anything at any time, and a lot of them have really stepped up, even more than what I could think is possible,” Amanda said.

“You see all this bad in the world and everything and it’s crazy that something like this has happened, and it makes you realize how great of a community we have surrounding us and how many people actually care for us and are willing to help out,” Mitchel added. “That’s made a huge impact on us. It’s helped us kind of get through this rough time. We’re just extremely thankful for everybody and everything they’ve done and contributed, all the thoughts and prayers that they’ve had. It’s really meant a lot to us.”

A GoFundMe to support them set up by a family member surpassed $16,000 on Monday.

“I just never thought we’d get this much help with everything. It’s really mind blowing to me. We’re super, super thankful,” Amanda said.

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