Some Allen County Democratic Party members opt out of inauguration due to feeling unsafe

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Some members of the Allen County Democratic Party felt unsafe going to the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden on Wednesday. Chairwoman Misti Meehan said some of them had planned to go, prior to the capitol riots on January 6. They also felt anxious after someone shot up the Tippecanoe County Democratic Party headquarters the following day.

Meehan feels that the safety of those in her party is uncertain for the time being.

“I just think after what happened at the Capitol, my friend and myself just decided that we weren’t going to be going,” she explained. “I did not ever think that in my lifetime I would see what happened at The Capitol. It was heartbreaking and devastating and it kind of leads you to believe that anything could happen at any moment. I also feel a little unsafe after what happened at the Tippecanoe democratic headquarters, getting bullets in it. That sort of thing does make you a little apprehensive.”

Meehan and her team decided to close the Democratic headquarters Wednesday and members opted for watching the inauguration of Joe Biden from their homes.

“I’m a little beside myself today,” she said. “I watched the first African-American-Asian-American female get sworn in as vice president. I just couldn’t be more pleased. I think all of the local democrats and honestly a lot of community in general is quite happy today. It’s been a rough four years for a lot of people. I think we finally have a chance to seize opportunity. “

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