FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — After COVID played a role in slowing down trash and recycling collections, the weather is now taking its turn to do the same.

Prior to the snow, city spokesman John Perlich told WANE 15 News on Friday that they hoped to be a “half-day behind schedule” to start the week of January 24.

After checking in with the city again, Perlich now says the snow has pushed crews back a full day behind schedule. He said they’re spending Monday finishing pickups scheduled for Friday.

In regards to recycling, Perlich told WANE 15 the plan was to begin Week A collections today, which would get crews back on the correct schedule.

If you’re unsure of which week your recycling is scheduled for, you can find the city’s recycling calendar and a specific schedule for your address here.

While crews are working to get caught up in Fort Wayne, Red River’s bankruptcy court proceedings in Texas continue on Tuesday.

WANE 15 News reported last week that the city of Fort Wayne and Red River’s insurance company, Argonaut Insurance Company, reached a settlement that keeps Red River collecting trash, rather than rejecting its contract with Fort Wayne and leaving the city without a hauler, while the process of finding a new collector takes place.

That settlement has to be approved as part of Red River’s bankruptcy.

The hearing notice for Tuesday doesn’t show anything specifically related to the Fort Wayne settlement. The hearing is more to discuss Red River’s ability to use certain cash funds.

There is another Red River hearing scheduled with the Northern District of Texas Bankruptcy Court scheduled for February 9. On the docket for that hearing, is a motion to select a target date for a final hearing in the proceedings.