FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — If you’ve noticed a bad smell lately when you step outside, your nose isn’t playing tricks on you.

There’s a good chance what you smell is actually manure-based fertilizer and although you may not appreciate the scent, you might appreciate the benefits.

September and November are typically the busiest months for farmers because of harvest season. Farmers fertilize their crops to increase higher yields and better-quality produce.

Previously the most common types of fertilizer used were salt-based solutions mined mainly from Russia, China and other countries.

With the recent conflict in Ukraine, shipments have been harder to get here in the states which is forcing many farmers to explore other options.

Darin Hadley, a local farmer in Woodburn says “…we’re going to see more folks consider the option of organic fertilizer whether it is to try and become net zero for carbon usage or whether it’s to try and become certified to produce organic or natural food products for folks to be able to have.”

More farmers are making that switch.

A big reason is that consumers are seeking out organic produce, but it comes at a smellier cost.

Organic fertilizer is also greener for the planet as it doesn’t act as a pollutant.

Hadley also says that weather plays a key factor in breaking down the fertilizer and the warmer temperatures we’ve been seeing this fall coupled with breezier winds, could explain why that smell has been so pungent even miles away from the nearest farm.

So next time you step outside and there’s a stench, just think about all the fresh produce you’ll be enjoying next season.