Second amendment group proposes Noble County become gun sanctuary

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A new movement is sweeping the country – where communities oppose new gun restriction laws by becoming gun sanctuaries. It’s called the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement. A group in Noble county wants to join.

The Noble County Indiana Second Amendment United Sanctuary Movement has presented a resolution to Noble County’s commissioners that they hope will be passed as a declaration of the county’s sanctuary status.

The group started about a month ago as an affiliate of Indiana 2A United.

The goal is stop future gun laws from infringing on constitutional rights. The Indiana legislature’s proposed measures such as expand background checks, limit magazine size, or limit monthly purchases fill them with great concern.

“If we lose our second amendment then what’s going to stop them from taking all the other amendments from us like our right to free speech,” said Scott Peters, the leader of the Noble County Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement.

Peters made a presentation to the Noble County commissioners, asking them to pass a resolution that declares their county as a safe-zone from future gun restriction laws.

Noble County Sheriff Max Weber is also involved with the resolution, to make sure it’s constitutionally sound and doesn’t stop law enforcement from being able to do their job.

“I just want to make sure what they’re presenting is constitutionally legal, statutorily legal, and not something that’s going to tie law enforcement’s hands when it comes to enforcing statutes that are already on the book,” Weber said. “I’m a police officer and like most police officers we own firearms and guns, and if you’re a law abiding citizen and you have the constitutional right to own and bear a firearm, we’re not going to take firearms from them.”

Several other Indiana counties have passed declarations of sanctuary status. Peters, Weber, and the Noble County commissioners are using Jennings, Pike, Morgan, Franklin, and Cass counties’ resolutions as inspiration for theirs.

Here’s a line from Jennings County’s resolution: “The inalienable right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental individual right that shall not be infringed, and any future enactment of laws by the Indiana General Assembly or any other governmental body that infringes upon such a right are violations of the constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Indiana.”

Peters said gaining sanctuary status may be largely symbolic in nature, but they’ll feel more safe with it.

“It’s a grassroots movement to be honest,” he said. “If all of us counties ban together and do this and get this accomplished, our legislators and people down in Indianapolis are going to take a look at it. So it might be able to become something that the whole state of Indiana does, an actual legislation down there to protect our constitution and our amendments, giving more sense of security in our day to day lives.”

The Noble County commissioners will give the proposal another look at their March 9 meeting.

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