FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — A spectacular astronomical event will take place this upcoming Saturday. An Annular Eclipse is set to happen this weekend, and Science Central has the gear you need to see it here in Fort Wayne.

An Annular Eclipse happens when the moon passes in-between the Earth and the Sun. However, due to the moon’s distance from the Earth, it does not cover the entirety of the Sun. Therefore, it creates the “Ring of Fire” appearance, where only the outer edge of the Sun is visible.

While we won’t be able to see the full “Ring of Fire” display, the difference in daylight is expected to be noticeable here, especially with the help of eclipse glasses. Additionally, Science Central has special lenses for their telescopes that will allow for an incredible up-close view!

Science Central’s Steve Clark says that the eclipse will begin on Saturday around 11:41 in the morning. The peak of the eclipse is anticipated to happen just after 1 with the event coming to a close just before 2:30.

In general, it is not safe to look directly towards the sun. While the Sun’s light will be reduced during the eclipse, Science Central urges guests to purchase a pair of eclipse glasses and NOT look directly towards the Sun to watch the event. The Sun’s light will still be harmful to the human eye, and sunglasses will not protect your eyes in this situation. Eclipse glasses come equipped with solar-filtering lenses that allow you to look at the Sun without harm.

Additionally, an astronaut’s-eye view will be made possible as the staff members will launch a high-altitude balloon that will climb all the way into the stratosphere. The balloon will capture a view of the eclipse, burst in the atmosphere, and then fall back to the surface where the team will be able to retrieve the footage. The balloon launch is set for 12:17 p.m. on Saturday.

Science Central will be offering eclipse glasses for purchase in their gift shop Wednesday through Saturday for $3.99 and admission is NOT required to shop there.

Eclipse glasses are available in limited quality, so be sure to stop by soon to pick up your pair.

Science Central opens at 10 on Saturday morning.