FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A proposal to build a 40-unit apartment complex at the corner of Lake Avenue and Reed Road is getting opposition from residents in the neighborhood.

The apartments plan to be one bedroom spaces and will be built on 1.87 acres of land. The project is being proposed by developer Skyler Vendrely of Huntertown. Vendrely is seeking to have the property rezoned for multifamily housing from single family homes. The complex plans to be two stories in height and will include a retention pond, which is designed to hold rain runoff to help prevent flooding.

The apartments are being proposed to help address the need for multifamily housing in the city and the lack of one bedroom apartments.

This 1.87-acre site at the corner of Reed Road and Lake Avenue would include 40 one-bedroom apartments. The proposal is planned to be discussed on April 10 at the Fort Wayne Plan Commission hearing.

Robert Gill lives across the street from the property on Lake Avenue and has lived in his home since 1963. He is against the apartments going in because of how condensed of an area it would be located in and how much traffic it would bring to the intersection.

“I feel it’s going to be a bit unsafe. There is not enough parking space and it would become dangerous for children who hang out in the neighborhood,” Gill said. “I haven’t seen the developer include any safety measures.”

He mentioned the fact that Lake Avenue and Reed Road do not have sidewalks and the apartments would increase pedestrian traffic in the area. The speed limit by the intersection is 40 miles per hour and Gill often sees people park their cars on his property.

A home currently sits on the property where the apartments are planned to be built, but it’s still uncertain whether the home would be demolished.

He’s also concerned about the retention pond and that there aren’t any fences planned to be built near it to keep children away.

“My biggest concern with this is safety,” he said.

He hopes the developer would consider cutting down the number of units planned to be built to reduce the traffic.

Dan Glaser lives across the street from the land on Reed Road and has lived there for 23 years. He received a letter from the developer about the proposal and seems to believe plans are already done to begin building the complex.

“You’re definitely going to get a lot more traffic coming through the neighborhood if this gets built,” Glaser said. “I’d honestly consider moving into one of them and get out of my home.”

He believes it would be in a good location being that it’s not too far away from downtown Fort Wayne.

Residents in the area will have their chance to voice concerns about the proposal at the next Fort Wayne Plan Commission hearing on April 10.