INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) — Indiana State Police have been receiving many concerns regarding a recent phone scam in the area.

This particular scam has involved the ISP General Headquarters phone number, according to a release Tuesday from ISP. The caller identification says, “Indiana State Police,” with a phone number of 317-232-8248 displayed.

The scammer identifies as an Indiana State Police Trooper and has been telling callers they have pending drug charges in Texas. The scammer then threatens to arrest the citizen if they withhold from paying for the charges.

ISP said they would never call to ask someone to make a payment over the phone for any reason.

According to ISP, these types of phone scammers are widespread and will often play on your emotions in order to get personal information and money. 

Police said the easiest way to stay protected from phone scammers is to either ignore unsolicited calls from unknown callers or to hang up when something seems strange.

ISP also encourages anyone that may have fallen victim to a phone scammer to report the incident to a local law enforcement agency immediately.