FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — While the city of Fort Wayne works out its settlement with Red River’s insurance company in a Texas bankruptcy court, city officials are asking for a bit more patience from residents until that process is complete and they can find and hire a new garbage collector.

WANE 15 continues to receive messages asking why the city isn’t offering a refund or rebate of some sort for the missed and late pickups.

John Remus called WANE 15 on Thursday and said he’s tried calling 311 and the city’s waste management department about getting a refund. He said he’s left voicemails but hasn’t received a call back.

“There should be a credit at least to the bill. I mean, there’s people that are going weeks without pickups. They should be getting credited for those weeks. If they’re a day late, there should be money taken off the bill, you know, something proportionate,” Remus said.

WANE 15 asked city spokesman John Perlich on Thursday if there has ever been a conversation about providing some sort of compensation for residents after years of bad service.

“While they may not be receiving the service on the day they are to be collected, we still are ultimately providing that service. I don’t foresee a situation where there would be refunds issued. I know that’s a point of frustration for people, but we still are providing the service, so we still will be collecting payments for those services.”

City spokesman John Perlich

For context, Perlich provided the full line-item detail that goes into the $12 Fort Wayne residents pay on their bill:

  • Cart rental and maintenance for both garbage and recycling
  • Leaf pickup
  • Household hazardous waste program
  • Disposal of garbage
  • Processing of recycling 

He added that the city is doing all it can to help resolve the issue while they wait to move on from Red River, noting that city crews continue to work around the clock to help Red River attempt to get caught up.

Perlich said they’re hopeful the settlement with Red River will be resolved soon so the city can move forward with looking for a new provider. He said they’re still targeting July 1 as a start-date for a new vendor.