FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Even with all front and side curtain airbags deployed, Wilhelmina McGinnis, 93, lost her life on May 25 three years ago on U.S. 33, just north of Valentine Road.

Her daughter, Lisa Hensler, was severely injured, and on Thursday, she appeared in court in a wheelchair for the sentencing of Reyna Becerra, now 23, who was speeding on the two-lane highway and attempting to pass a semi-trailer truck when she hit Hensler’s Chevy Cruz head-on.

With the consent of Hensler and her family, Becerra pleaded guilty to reckless homicide and got a 5-year suspended sentence. The first year of her sentence will be on home detention. The other four years of her sentence, she will be on probation. Her driver’s license will be suspended for six years and she has to pay about $26,000 in restitution to the family.

Deputy Prosecutor Adam Mildred who, since 2000, has been prosecuting vehicular crashes where serious bodily injury and/or fatality occurs, said this incident was different than most, because there was no apparent driver impairment. Quite often, a driver will be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or both.

Charges had to do with Becerra’s conduct on the road which caused these grievous injuries, he said.

“This was based on her driver conduct, her decision to be speeding at just under 20 miles an hour over the speeding limit into oncoming traffic,” Mildred said.

Around 6 p.m. that evening, Becerra was traveling at 74 miles per hour in a 55-mile an hour zone, “something you’re not allowed to do,” Mildred said. “ When you’re overtaking, you must not endanger people in oncoming traffic. Unfortunately that’s exactly what she did.

“One of the factors of the recklessness in this case is that she was obligated not only to pass safely without endangering anyone else, she had to be able to pass in such a manner that she’s able to return back into her lane well advance of any oncoming traffic,” Mildred explained.

She was driving at 100% throttle which means her Pontiac Grand Prix was “wide open” in attempting her pass, information taken from a probable cause affidavit.

“The defendant was injured in the crash. She also caused injuries to her family member who was her passenger in her vehicle. She also caused the death of Wilhelmina McGinnis who was in the oncoming vehicle and the significant injury to Lisa Hensler who was the driver. It’s a terrible tragedy but to be clear, but the Hensler family was supportive of the terms reached here in light of all the things we did by way of litigation, meeting with witnesses and such.”

Two people who witnessed the crash said they saw Becerra going south, trying to pass the semi while Hensler’s car was coming northbound. Becerras car “attemped to turn towards the east side of the roaday, however (she) lost control….and the two vehicles collided in the northbound lane,” court documents said.

The responding officer said there were no signs that Becerra tried to stop and no marks in the roadway or scrubs on the tires that would indicate that.

The crash data retrieval report indicated that Becerra did not decelerate until two seconds prior to the impact when the brakes were activated, court documents said.

The family declined to make a statement.