FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- Who hasn’t had one of those days where you are so stressed and frustrated that you just feel like breaking stuff? Well soon there will be a place where you can break things in a safe controlled environment.

“All the Rage” a new rage room experience opens Monday and their hope is to help you release stress in a unique way. Co-owners Brianna Dailey and Abby Greutman, saw a need for a new experience in Fort Wayne and have been wanting to open a rage room for some time.

“This is something that has been around in the united states for several years now, and the closest one to us is several hours away in Chicago, michigan or Ohio,” says Dailey. “There’s not any that are easily accessible for us here in Fort Wayne. We have escape rooms and axe throwing, and this is something that I have been wanting to bring here for some time and the time is finally right.”

The location is on Spy Run in the old Nature’s Corner Antique store, they have spent the last few months getting the space ready to give the public a great rage experience.

Daily adds, “It’s not some kind of anger management thing. It’s just to have fun in a new way. Get out frustrations, get out stress. It’s a good workout for sure but yeah, mostly to have fun and de-stress.”

Once you are suited up in safety gear they provide, you can choose your music in the room and then your tool which range from bats to crowbars.

“From a very little age we are taught to be careful with glass and everything else, don’t break it, you get in trouble if you break stuff so it’s just very fun” says, Greutman.

Cost will depend on the package that you choose. Different packages have different things you can break and how long your experience will be. You can also add on larger items like computer screens and TVs.

Once your rage session is over you have the option to visit the chill zone to relax before leaving…hopefully feeling refreshed. They welcome groups with two people per room! You can even BYOB, Bring Your Own Breakables, or donate them for others to destroy.

They plan to open August 12th with an opening smash event! You can find more information about that event and pricing on their Facebook page, “All the Rage Fort Wayne”.