(AP) Kate Zipay is a professor of organizational behavior and human resources in the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business at Purdue University.

In this video, she explains what the advantages of the 4-day work week are and how employers could be missing out on productivity and talent if they do not take this opportunity seriously.

Zipay says that the 4-day work week allows time for employees to engage in activities that make them healthier and happier. Workers are less likely to be burnt out, less resentful of their organizations, and less likely to lie when they need to take off work to take care of personal matters. Some industries are known for grueling hours, long shifts, and a devout commitment to work at the expense of all other aspects of life.

Zipay says that these industries in particular should seriously consider the 4-day workweek. If they do not, she believes they will be missing out on their ability to recruit and retain talented workers.