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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A peaceful scene in downtown Fort Wayne tonight as protestors continue rallying in honor of George Floyd, who died while in police custody one week ago today.

The peace follows a weekend of chaos, that was quelled as protesters and police officers came together in conversation.

“They said as long as people stay out the streets and don’t block traffic, they are good with it,” said Derek Nelson.

Derek Nelson is a protester who has attended every rally and says that if officers are willing to talk, the community is open to it. Elizabeth Mowery is another Hoosier who took part in the protest this past weekend. She told WANE 15 things got out of hand on Friday, but everything was better Sunday. Her biggest question when speaking to the officers was why did they resort to tear gas.

“All these different cities use different ways to control a crowd before they resort to the tear gas and the rubber bullets,” said Mowery. “Why couldn’t Fort Wayne do the same thing?”.

She asked officers that very question, however Fort Wayne Police Department did not have an answer.

“A lot of the responses that I got were ‘we do not have a clear answer’. So, at what point is the Fort Wayne police department going to have a clear answer?”.

Mowery stresses that she does not agree with the turmoil that took place, she says she knows traffic did not suppose to be blocked and that if people are downtown peacefully they shouldn’t be there.

According to Chief Reed, the police did try to speak with protestors the first day but it was unsuccessful.

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