Promenade Park features flood prevention measures

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The new Promenade Park in downtown Fort Wayne was designed flooding in mind.

While many go to enjoy Promenade Park, few are able to detect the many features for flood prevention and protection that are in place. They range from natural levee’s, a floodgate, extra water storage areas, and natural flood plains.

“For anywhere we added anything into the park, we took out more. In actuality we created more than three thousand cubic yards of additional storage for storm water in the park,” said City Engineer Patrick Zaharako.

One of the most noticeable examples of flood prevention are the large stairs in the valley that leads to the riverfront. That area was cut out to serve as storage area for water, so that it won’t spill over into the downtown area.

On the north side of the park you will find a natural levee that blocks water from impacting local businesses, like Fort Wayne Outfitters, which is located directly behind the levee. There is a floodgate that will rise if the river reaches a certain height.

Many will enjoy the natural plantings across the park, but those are also there for a reason. The types of plants that are found around Promenade Park are able to withstand being underwater for an extended time.

“I suspect that most people do not know how much protection is here for the public, but that’s part of out intent is to make it as a part of the background,” said City Engineer Patrick Zaharako.

For more on Fort Wayne’s river flood prevention, check out this story.

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