Practices in place to keep kids cool at FWCS

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – While we contend with late-summer heat often, it’s something Fort Wayne Community Schools is taking into consideration as temperatures soar.

The good news is that almost all of the schools within FWCS have air conditioning. Unfortunately, Lindley and Waynedale Elementaries and portions of Wayne High School do not have it. Plans are in place to have full air conditioning in all three schools in the next two years.

In the meantime, the school district has plans in place for these really hot days. Some of the practices include turning off lights, making sure kids are wearing light clothing, and hydrating.

The school district said all of its buildings have water bottle refilling stations, which is especially important because drinking fountains are off-limits due to COVID.

FWCS still does have a suggestion though for kids who do have air conditioning in their schools.

You know, layers are always a good idea. Because sometimes they might have a walk to school and it’s warm, or a walk home. But then they get to their school building and it’s air-conditioned. And as adults, we all know that air conditioning is great, but sometimes you get cold in air conditioning. So, that’s one of the I guess just lifelong lessons that kids have to learn that layers are important. Because sometimes you’re really hot and sometimes you just need that extra jacket or cardigan or whatever to put on,” said Krista Stockman, FWCS Public Information Officer.

Masks are required for everyone at FWCS, and teachers are trying to help students with those and the heat.

“Teachers are giving mask breaks. So that’s definitely happening. If your child says it’s not, just make sure you check with the teacher. You know when kids are going outside they do not wear the masks, so you know that’s for sure. We don’t want kids overheating, you know running around with the masks on. So, the other thing is in PE, again, if they’re participating in really rigorous activity then they can take the mask off at that point. So, we’re trying to be reasonable and keep kids safe,” said Stockman.

According to the National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments, a positive school climate is critically related to school success. Climate means engagement, safety, and environment, with the temperature of a classroom falling in the safety and environment category.

The school district said its coaches are also well-versed in recognizing issues when it comes to heat and its players. Athletes also might not practice in full gear in this type of heat.

The school district said if your child has a special case and needs to be in cooler conditions to call your school’s nurse.

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