Political analyst weighs in on ‘chaotic’ Presidential debate

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The presidential debate was very contentious between President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden. Many viewers sent in comment, calling it chaos, as the two interrupted each other, raised their voices and called each other names.

It was like no presidential debate voters have ever seen.

WANE 15 caught up with Political Analyst Andy Downs to discuss the impact the debate may have on voter’s decisions and the November Election.

Downs believes people who already were in support of a particular candidate before watching the debate are probably more excited about that candidate than they were before. That is because the candid used the platform to take jabs at each other to energize their supporters.

According to Downs, surveys indicate there is only 5 to 10 percent of the population that is undecided. He said that is a lower number than past years. However, the debate really should have been about persuading them, he said.

The tactics Trump and Biden used may not have been effective. Part of the problem was the format of the debate the other part was how they interacted with each other, he said. Now he said the two camps will go back and evaluate what worked and what didn’t work.

“As we know the president didn’t do a whole lot of debate prep,” said Downs. “He feels he’s good at this already and knows how to get under people’s skin. Biden spent a lot of time preparing. Trust me, both camps are asking, ‘did we accomplish our campaign goal?’ And remember that’s not necessarily informing voters. It could be tearing down the other side or building themselves up.”

As a result of the debate, a commission plans to change the format in the future to keep more order.

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