Political ads more creative, aggressive ahead of Republican senate debate

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They’ve taken off the gloves. With less than a month to go, three Republicans who want to be called senator are looking to score a “T.V. K.O.”

Representative Luke Messer, Representative Todd Rokita and Mike Braun have all been spending cash but at this point it’s a dead heat. With the big senate GOP debate only two days away, the atmosphere is heating up. 

But who’s got the edge? IPFW Political expert Mike Wolf can’t decide. 

“That’s a tough one because while it’s only a month away, this is the month it’s going to be where the blood gets spilled in a lot of ways,” he said. “We’re going to see increasingly more commercials.”

The T.V. ads have been getting more aggressive, as well as creative. 

Braun recently released a T.V. spot where he askd people to differentiate cardboard cut outs of Rokita and Messer, saying that you can’t tell the difference. He was suggesting that they’re background and politics were the same. 

Messer responded with a cut out ad of his own, poking at Braun fro the tactic.

Just a couple of days ago, Braun released a throwback ad of the three candidates as kids. In it, he’s studying to be a future businessman and young Rokita and Messer are debating as aspiring lifelong politicians. 

Wolf says the clever ads are a good idea, particularly from Braun.    

“”All these campaigns have a lot of money and they’re going to spend a lot money because this is going to be competitive,” he explained. “So it’s not a surprise that you have an outsider who’s investing heavily and really trying to put a narrative because he doesn’t have that kind of congressional experience or the voting record that he can necessarily point to and say this is how often I’ve voted with president Trump. Instead he has to more creatively get his name out there, get name recognition and so creative ads like this are a great way to do this.” 

Wolf said at Sunday’s debate, Braun will continue to emphasize his outsider status. Rokita and Messer will spend time differentiating themselves from each other. Besides that he thinks the three candidates have a lot of similar stances.    

“I can’t see much room between them,” he said. “So it will quickly turn into well I’m more on this issue or more negativity towards the other. so that’s what i expect to see.”

The Republican Primary is scheduled for May 8th. 

You can watch the live debate on WANE-TV, Sunday night at 7 p.m. It will also stream on wane.com.

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