FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Fort Wayne’s Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) treated seven families to a shopping spree for its annual Forgotten Families event.

During the holidays, the FOP host different events to help lift the Christmas spirit to those in need. Every year before Christmas, the FOP has its annual Kops for Kids. Just a few weeks ago WANE 15 also gave you an exclusive look of the organization giving $10,000 to people in the community.

Wednesday was its annual Forgotten Families program, which is held in January. The event has been a staple for the FOP for more than 20-years. With the program, Police officers give $100 to every person in a household to spend on whatever they want.

Mia Jordan and her daughter are one of the seven families who received a shopping spree this year.

“I was shocked that I got chosen,” Jordan said. “Thanks to you guys [police], I don’t have to spend my money. I am just playing, but thanks to you guys [Police] for everything and this is a blessing.”

Jordan’s daughter wasn’t only picking out late Christmas gifts, Wednesday was also her 8th-birthday. She was most excited to pick out shoes and clothes.

Police found the families through two nonprofits – the Boys and Girls Club and the Parkview Cancer Institute.

“We don’t take applications. I go directly to the not-for-profits,” said Fort Wayne Police’s Deputy Chief Mitch McKinney. “We target that way so we know where the need is because we work with these folks all year long.”

Fire Police City County Federal Credit Union and many community members, and the Elks Club, Lodge 155 were sponsors of this year’s program.