FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It’s a half-hour before showtime, and John McGauley is wondering if he picked the wrong courtroom.

The microphones are all set, the sound settings are all ready to go, but the cars and trucks buzzing along Clinton and Berry streets this past Thursday afternoon outside the first-floor corner courtroom of the Allen County Courthouse is allowing in a lot of extraneous noise.

“It’s like that in every courtroom, though,” McGauley says to a technician. “In Courtroom 2 (on the third floor) I kept picking up a noise and I couldn’t figure out where it came from.”

Such is life for the court executive – and new podcast king – of Allen Superior Court.

Along with help from judges and courthouse staff, McGauley is the man behind the new podcast dubbed “INSession: Inside the Allen County Courts.”

John McGauley

So far through seven episodes, McGauley and judges have brought what he calls “Courthouse 101” to the masses in hopes of getting information out to the people who want to know how the courts work.

Episodes have delved into mortgage foreclosure programs, family recovery court, what exactly is a protective order and the drug court program.

“A lot of things go on in the courthouse that people don’t know about but probably should,” McGauley told WANE TV just prior to recording an episode on mental health with a Parkview Health physician.

McGauley said he had the bug to create a podcast of some sort for a long time, but really got the idea off the ground after going to a conference with other court officials from all over the country in Phoenix this past August.

There, he saw courthouses using TikTok and Instagram to get information out, and, as he called it, the “idea of a podcast did not seem so silly.”

And since COVID-19 kept people away from the courthouse for more than a year, he found that there seemed to be a void created between the court and the people.

People didn’t know exactly what the court does, and it became increasingly hard to get that information to the people, McGauley said.

“We started digging into what people were looking at on our website, and we wanted to show them more of what we do and to get that out,” McGauley said.

No stranger to learning new technology – McGauley is known for his drone photography all over town – he immediately immersed himself in what he had to do to learn podcasting.

He went to Sweetwater for some equipment and searched Amazon for more and began teaching himself how to make the podcast. The judges were all on board with appearing as guests, and so far, several – such as Allen Superior Court Judge Fran Gull – have appeared multiple times.

“These are some very fascinating and interesting people in this building, and the judges are very innovative,” McGauley said. “They have always been prone to say, ‘yes,’ to new ideas.”

Each episode has gotten a few hundred listens through various platforms, McGauley said, and some of the more obscure topics are the ones that have gotten the most listens.

Which just shows McGauley that the podcast is becoming a success.

“People want to know what we do, and we want to show them,” he said.