School is officially back in session for all four Allen County districts. Here’s a look at some of the WANE 15 personalities in front of the camera for school pictures before they got their start on TV.

Can you guess who’s who?

Ethan Dahlen back to school throwback photoEthan Dahlen

Ethan Dahlen in 2nd grade!

Sierra TuftsSierra Tufts

Sierra Tufts in pre-school!

Pat HoffmanPat Hoffman

Pat Hoffmann in kindergarten!

Glenn Marini school photoGlenn Marini

Glenn Marini in 1st grade at Muncie Burris!

Charles Benberry back to school photoCharles Benberry

Charles Benberry in kindergarten!

Alyssa Ivanson headshot

Alyssa Ivanson!

Nathan Gidley presenting the weather forecast in elementary school

Nathan Gidley, presenting the weather in elementary school!

Camryn LeathermanCamryn Leatherman headshot cropped

Camryn Leatherman!

Taylor King back to school photo

Taylor King!

Greg Shoup school photoGreg Shoup

Greg Shoup!

Nicholas Ferreri back to school photo

Nicholas Ferreri!

Dirk Rowley back to school photo

Dirk Rowley!

Jessica Williams kindergarten photoJessica Williams

Jessica Williams in kindergarten!

Feeling nostalgic yet? Maybe this is a good excuse to open those scrapbooks and take a trip down memory lane with your family!