FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — With the Halloween season in full swing, many fans of the holiday may be interested in swapping local ghost stories or even attempting the investigate nearby haunted places.

The Fort Wayne area offers many buildings and locations that have been subjected to haunted tales and legends, which are things a local paranormal investigator said can have a lasting impact on people.

“I think when somebody has an experience that they cannot explain, it sticks with them, and they’ll always remember it,” said Nick Carboni, founder of Olde World Paranormal Society in Fort Wayne.

Carboni said many of the places that have paranormal tales surrounding them, such as the Bell Mansion, Embassy Theatre, and the Wells Street and Main Street bridges, share a common theme in that they are all places with lots of history attached to them.

“It’s all around us. It’s not just during ‘spooky season,'” Carboni said.

For those interested in checking out local legends, Carboni said people should not trespass on private property and should be respectful.

“Just be safe,” Carboni said. “Use your head.”

Carboni also said people can check out spooky places and areas at any time of day throughout the whole year, and people do not need the fancy equipment seen on TV to investigate.

“Honestly, with the way technology is anymore with your cell phone, you can do it with your cell phone,” Carboni said. “You can take video, pictures [and] audio, and they have those little ghost apps now.”

Olde World Paranormal Society explains how it conducts paranormal investigations

Overall, Carboni and Brie Hollingshead, a traveling paranormal investigator, said getting into the paranormal has allowed them to meet many amazing people and create meaningful relationships, which they said can happen for anyone as well.

“There’s a whole community of people … so getting to be a part of that whole network and that whole community is what has been really meaningful to me,” Hollingshead said.