FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — One of the newest restaurants on The Landing may soon serve alcohol.

Papi’s Pizza opened about a month ago, and at Tuesday’s Fort Wayne City Council meeting, Johnny Perez, owner of Mercado and Papi’s, appeared before councilmembers to get a riverfront liquor license.

“People keep asking for beer and wine, so that’s pretty much what we’re going to give them when we get through this process,” Perez said.

City Council voted 7-2 in favor of the license (Jason Arp and Paul Ensley voted no), which will speed up the process of serving liquor.

“The riverfront liquor license gives you a lower barrier of entry to get in,” Perez said. “This lets you be a new business get in, and get you that much closer to a 3-way liquor license (Beer, wine and spirits.)”

The license approval process still has to go through the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, but once it does, Perez thinks it will be a big boost to his business.

“It does bring a lot of different people,” Perez said. “Have margaritas alongside wine, while still having it be a family-friendly place I think is the ultimate goal.”

Perez expects Papi’s Pizza to be serving liquor by the end of the year.