FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Calling all astronomy-lovers! The Orionid meteor shower’s peak will continue through early Sunday morning (October 22). This is an excellent time to catch a glimpse at a shooting star or two.

Even though a few additional showers are moving through during the overnight hours, our skies will clear out just enough for us to catch a glimpse at the phenomena before daybreak.

The key to seeing the meteor shower is to just be patient and wait for the meteors to pass. There’s no need to look in any certain direction to see the passing meteors, your eye will catch it if it passes!

There will be approximately 5 to 15 meteors passing per hour through our sky in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. You’ll want to be as far away from city lights as you can get in order to see the most meteors in the sky. Light pollution from the city may be too bright to see smaller passing meteors.

According to meteor shower expert Tony Rice, the Orionid meteor shower is created from fragments of Halley’s Comet.