FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Despite not even being part of Fort Wayne City Council’s latest agenda, opponents of a recent party barge proposal attended the City Council meeting Tuesday to discuss the proposal.

Those against the proposal shared their concerns during the meeting’s public comment period toward the end of the meeting.

The project, which would be overseen by River City Ventures and would include a 4,400-square-foot restaurant, a boathouse and a dock along the St. Joseph River, has drawn the ire of local residents for multiple reasons.

Some of the complaints have mentioned environmental factors, light pollution and safety concerns.

Tom Trent, a lawyer representing River City Ventures, spoke during public comment and countered by saying the project will not use any city money and will provide Fort Wayne with a new stretch of the Rivergreenway trail.

“I have no doubt that the opposition is well-intended, but I do believe that some of this is driven by personal feelings involving Mr. Tippman, and I think people don’t like the idea of people gathering on pontoon boats on the river,” Trent said.

Peg Maginn, a self-proclaimed “concerned citizen,” told WANE 15 she is worried about what the project will do to the Rivergreenway and a flood plain in the area.

“It is something for all the people to enjoy,” Maginn said. “Hundreds of people use this trail every day.”

The Fort Wayne Plan Commission still needs to approve the rezoning of an undeveloped lot of land at 3501 Parnell Ave. near the intersection of Spy Run Avenue Extended and Parnell Avenue.