FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Fort Wayne’s city council has been mostly quiet since the bodycam footage from the night of Mayor Henry’s arrest was released.

On the day it was released, Councilman Tom Didier of the third district commented about how it would change his approach to the upcoming election, but it took until Sunday, Dec. 18th for other members of council to give their reaction to WANE 15.

At-large councilman Tom Freistroffer sent the following statement to WANE 15,

The transparency and utilization of body cams should be as consistent as “one size fits all” when it comes to employees and or the mayor.

The mayor endorsed the body Cams for the protection of the police and the public – and should receive no special treatment.

When it comes to the release or regulation of the body cams. Releasing this body cam was the right thing to do!

Councilman Freistroffer 

In addition, Fort Wayne City Council president Jason Arp sent an email to WANE 15 explaining that he would abstain from comment until he had an opportunity to confer with an attorney.

Arp has pushed for the bodycam footage to be released in the past.