FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Fort4Fitness has races for all ages. The oldest participant says staying active is one of the keys to a long, healthy life. At 102, Vivian Purvis proves age is just a number as she looks forward to crossing the Fort4Fitness finish line.

“I’m very active every day – I do not do much sitting,” Vivian said. “I just try to keep active … and have a purpose for walking. I’m thankful for my good legs.”

Vivian lives at Lutheran Life Villages and from walking the halls or trails to see friends to playing euchre at least once a week, she keeps her mind and body active.

“There’s plenty of activities to go to and lots of room to walk and lots of volunteering you can do, so it’s easy to be as active as you want to,” she said.

Maizy King, the Wellness Director at Lutheran Life Villages, will walk with Vivian in the Fort4Fitness Silver Fox Club final mile Friday night.

“She’s a very fast walker. If you’re walking with Vivian, be prepared to run,” Maizy laughed. “They always give her a shoutout. She goes through the finish line with her hands up waving to the crowd. She was super fun to see whenever she’s doing this.”

Vivian plans to keep participating as long as she can.

“I thought it was fun last year and I wanted to join the group and if I can encourage someone else to do it, that’s why I do it,” Vivian said.

The Silver Fox Club and Kit’s Club, the race for children, will finish their final mile at Parkview Field Friday night.

The youngest participant is 100 years younger than Vivian.

Vivian Purvis, left, is with Rylan Shell, 2, and Rylan’s mom Amber.

At the final mile on Friday night, Vivian found 2-year-old Rylan Shell – with her mom Amber. The Shells live in Westfield now, but are from Fort Wayne and came up for Fort4Fitness.

Vivian was also one of the finalists for Remarkable Woman of Northeast Indiana in 2020.