Ohio counties warn of ‘unusually potent’ drugs

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Mercer County, OH (WANE) – Authorities in two Ohio Counties have issued warnings about “unusually potent” drugs.

According to the Van Wert Police Department, there have been multiple drug over doses recently. Some of them were fatal, a Thursday night Facebook post said.

“Sadly, in the past couple of weeks there have been several drug overdoses some of which have resulted in fatalities,” the post read. “Some of the drugs recovered in these cases seem to be mixed with something unusually potent.”

The Mercer County Sheriff released a warning Friday after learning that a substance believed to be heroin was mixed with other drugs.

Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey said lab testing of the substance revealed that it contained Tramadol, Cocaine, Heroin, Fentanyl, Carfentanil, Acetyl Fentanyl and other drugs.

“These drugs are incredibly dangerous and can be fatal when ingested or when absorbed through the skin,” the news released said.

Grey encouraged law enforcement officers, drug users, and others to use “extreme caution” when handling drugs.

“We are concerned about drug users getting their hands on something like that and overdosing and possibly dying,” said Gray. “We are also concerned about first responders.”

Gray tells WANE 15 that the substance could be connected to the drug fatalities in Van Wert.

“The stuff could be coming from the same place,” he said. “A lot of the drug dealers are mixing other drugs in with the stuff their selling. I think this is going to be a bigger problem going forward.”

Mercer County has had some overdoses recently, he said. None of them have been fatal.

“The best thing is not to use,” he said. “[Drug users] don’t know what they’re putting in their arm when they use it.”

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