FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Construction to extend Pufferbelly Trail started in January, and many are eager to know when things will be wrapping up. Many are eager for construction to be completed as the project will connect the Life Bridge Church trailhead to Fitch Road as part of The Poka-Bache Connector trail.

City officials are urging residents to stay off the trail until construction is complete; however, many residents say they are getting mixed signals about the status of the project.

There have been numerous times that the sign has been moved, prompting others to believe that the trail is actually open.

The Allen County Sheriff’s Department made a post on Facebook urging the public to stay off the trail until construction is complete.

They said that people have been removing signs and even hiding construction equipment.

They emphasize that removing barricades at the construction site poses a serious threat to public safety.

Dump trunks moving around throughout the area have very limited visibility, that’s why it’s safer to just remain off the trail altogether.

Officials said construction is set to be finished in November.