Officers across the state come to Fort Wayne to learn about drone technology

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Police from across the state were in Fort Wayne Monday to learn about drone technology.

The Fort Wayne Police Department’s Air Support Unit held a conference, the first of its kind in the state, at Sweetwater Sound to talk about how to use drones effectively.

Police departments and first responders from Central and Northeast Indiana attended the conference. Speakers included officers from departments who already use drone technology, like Lieutenant Jonathan Bowers, who is in charge of the Fort Wayne Police Department’s Air Support Unit.

“Typically drones are either an investigative tool or a safety tool,” Lt. Bowers explained. “For an investigative tool think car crashes, an airborne perspective of a car crash scene or a crime scene. A tactical application or safety application might be search and rescue or fire uses.”

The conference also allowed officers to get hands-on-experience in flying drones. It was also an opportunity for other departments to learn how to best use drones to help them with investigations.

“At the Auburn Police Department our program is in its infancy,” said Auburn Police officer Justin Nawrecki. “We are attending today to learn various different ways to utilize our drone up in our area and better ways, more effective ways, to increase the safety of the public and also increase the safety of our officers.”

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