FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Last week, it was announced that the Allen County Commissioners had selected a property for a new jail.

For those who wanted the jail out of sight from schools, like councilwoman Sharon Tucker, the new site is a big win.

“It was a great concern for me to consider a jail being in front of our kids at a school,” Tucker said to the county commissioners after the decision. “I am happy that you have landed on a decision to move outside of the first proposed area.”

But to others, this victory was a sudden spoiling.

“It is one of the few remaining International Harvester buildings,” said Jerry Betley, who co-founded Harvester Homecoming with Ryan DuVall.

Their vision has, and continues to be, a Harvester International museum in the office buildings that occupy part of the property slated for the new jail.

Those office buildings were formerly International Harvester’s Navistar campus, one of the last reminders of an extinct economic giant in the city.

“Last year, we lost the test track. This year, they had to tear down the power plant at the main assembly facility because it was just deteriorating too bad,” Betley said.

Betley and DuVall have already transformed some of the building space on the property into the museum they’ve dreamed of creating.

While the rest of the property will turn into a new jail, Betley and DuVall still have hope they will be able to purchase some of the buildings that remain.

“We’re looking forward to the opportunity to be able to purchase it and turn it into our museum,” Betley said.