FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — New Haven resident Bary Michie recently moved into a new home, and while he doesn’t have much set up, there are two pictures of his son that already, proudly hang in his living room.

“It’s beyond words, man. My son, he’s my hero,” said Bary, who served in the Navy for 10 years.

The Michies said their son, Jacob, who is also in the Navy and has been stationed on a ship overseas for months, can only communicate while he is at a port.

“I get emotional when he calls,” Bary said. “Every time he gets to a port.”

In their last communication, Jacob told his family that his ship would be stationed outside Israel as America increased its sensitivity to the ongoing conflict in the region.

“This is crazy. I can’t believe this is happening during my time, but yet I can because I was already over there,” Bary said.

With the family’s fear of America getting more involved in the war, they are waiting for their son to come home with a mix of nervousness and pride.

“I tell my wife yeah, there’s a chance but stop thinking about the bad. Think about the good,” Bary said. “We need people over there that have got a good head on their shoulders, and your son — our son — is that type of person.”

And it’s not just Jacob’s parents, but his grandma, Janice Posante, is also eagerly waiting for him.

“[Posante and Jacob] used to spend a ton of time together,” Bary said.

The Michies told WANE 15 that Posante is fighting cancer in the hospital, and they aren’t sure if Jacob will be able to return to see her again.

“He knows this, and yet he’s still over there,” Bary said. “For him to say I understand that my grandmother is in the hospital, and I might not see her … that’s heavy on a young man.”

The Michies are hoping there will be a way to get Jacob home or have a satellite call amid the Israel and Hamas conflict.