FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — While city officials work on finding a new trash and recycling hauler, missed pickups by Red River continue to frustrate Fort Wayne residents. On Tuesday, a city attorney told WANE 15 they hoped to be fully caught up on collections by Friday.

That won’t be happening. Spokesman for the mayor, John Perlich, told WANE 15 that Red River had two drivers test positive for COVID-19 this week, and that has slowed them down. The expectation is that they’ll be “a half-day behind heading into the week of Jan. 24.”

He added that Red River as well as city crews will work through the weekend in a continued attempt to get back on schedule.

WANE 15 drove all over the city on Friday and found numerous homes with trash piled above their bins waiting to be collected.

Two homeowners expressed their frustration about missed pickups for both trash and recycling.

“It can blow up and down the street. It can cause issues with litter. Real frustrating because they drive by, take some people, don’t take others. Then when you call, they use the excuse that your lid is down or your lid’s up, or there’s too much stuff in it. It’s just really frustrating,” Fort Wayne resident Adam Scott said.

“Not even being able to put one extra bag out has been super frustrating as well. I understand COVID and everybody is short staffed. Believe me, I get it. But, it’s very frustrating as a homeowner and paying for the trash as well to not be able to put out trash when I have it,” Jenni Rhodehamel said.

The missed pickups have led to confusion about when people should put their bins on the curb. If someone’s trash is supposed to be picked up on a Friday but the previous week’s material was collected late, should they still put their cans out that next Friday or has their schedule changed?

Perlich said “Residents should continue to set out their materials on their normal collection day.”