FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Friday, Tom Didier took to the campaign trail with Senator Mike Braun to go door-to-door to ask for votes in the upcoming mayoral election.

Tom Didier was excited to go door to door with Indiana Senator Mike Braun backing him in the close mayoral race. Didier also expressed great gratitude to Braun, as he traveled to support Didier representing the state as a whole.

“He is giving me the opportunity to show people, ‘Hey Tom Didier’s the real thing’, he’s gonna make Fort Wayne a better place for people to live work and play,” said Tom Didier alongside Indiana Senator Mike Braun.

“He’s got the perfect mix of real-world experience and local government experience and my goodness you don’t want the same folks running the show forever,” said Braun in a discussion about Didier’s experience in local government.

Braun took time to also reflect on his time on the campaign trail when running for Indiana State Representative. “The number of people who make up their mind based on who showed up at the door can make the difference.”

“What a coincidence, my supporters also chose this beautiful fall afternoon to canvas door-to-door. With my family and campaign team beside me, I will continue to engage with and ask voters for their support as we move Fort Wayne forward together,” said Tom Henry as he was out on the campaign trail Friday as well.

Didier made sure to point out that his goals won’t change in his shift from his seat as a district councilman to becoming Mayor of Fort Wayne. His number one priority was to focus on neighborhoods and what he could do for them, both in infrastructure and relationship with the police force.

Didier stated that while he has loved and will continue to invest in downtown Fort Wayne it is important that all residents of Fort Wayne from all neighborhoods feel important.