FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — More than six weeks later, some residents in Waynedale are wondering when debris they left by the curb after the June 13 derecho will be cleaned up.

The hard-hit area off of Maywood Circle to the east of Bluffton Road was cleaned up a while ago. On the other side of Bluffton, all the streets that connect to Old Trail Road — and Old Trail Road itself – are lined with debris, including tall piles in some areas.

Residents messaged WANE 15 concerned about the debris blocking the view of drivers turning onto Old Trail Road, as well as the smell coming from the piles. Many sidewalks in the area are covered with debris as well.

“There’s times where you can’t believe that it’s still like this,” Dave Winn said.

Winn lives on Waynewood Drive off of Old Trail. WANE 15 saw him Thursday morning walking his dog on the street because the sidewalk was impassable in may spots.

“We still appreciate the fact that the city will be flipping the bill to have it done. We don’t have to pay to have it removed ourselves, but yeah, it is frustrating,” Winn said. “We’re tired of smelling it. Some of the debris is smelling pretty bad. It’s like decaying underneath.”

On July 18, WANE 15 asked the city for an update on the debris pickup and if there was a map that showed completed streets and streets that crews still needed to get to.

As part of a statement provided by Director of Public Works Shan Gunawardena, he said “We do not have a map of areas completed and incomplete that we can provide to you because we don’t have the resources.”

Thursday, after WANE 15 inquired about the residents still waiting in Waynedale, we received another statement from Gunawardena which included a map showing areas that have been completed and areas contractors still need to clean up.

The map doesn’t just include derecho cleanup, but it also includes areas where residents called 311 for debris pickup after the storm that hit Fort Wayne in early July.

The statement reads:

The contractors we’ve hired are continuing to make progress on debris cleanup in the Waynedale area. We were aware that the areas you mentioned by Bluffton, Belle Vista, Bradbury and Lower Huntington have not yet been completed and therefore we scheduled some of our Street Department crews to help our contractors with those areas next week. We hope to complete debris cleanup in Waynedale in about a week. Those who would like to see the areas where debris cleanup has been completed, is ongoing, and is awaiting a contractor can view a map at: That map is updated regularly.

A screenshot of a map provided to WANE 15 by the City of Fort Wayne that shows areas they’ve picked up debris from storms over the summer and areas they still need to get to. Screenshot taken on 7/28/22.