FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – When the temperatures really heat up, this is when some people realize their air conditioners aren’t working properly. Masters Heating and Cooling allowed WANE 15 to go along with them on a run Tuesday afternoon. Michael Cle was the service technician on the run and it was a simple one.

More times than not AC unit issues revolve around poor maintenance and rarely is it a bigger problem. The dirtier the outdoor unit is the harder the AC has to work to keep the house cool. Things like cottonwood and lawn debris can get stuck in the condenser coil.

“Sometimes it is a bad component as a contactor or capacitor or a fan motor or the bad news is the compressor has a problem,” said Cole.

Bruce Mcleod, who had his AC unit worked on by Cole on Tuesday said he called Masters Heating and Cooling Monday evening and they were out to his home Tuesday afternoon. Both Mcleod and Cole gave some insight into how to maintain AC units.

Cutting back vegetation within 2 feet of the unit can also allow for proper airflow.

Masters Heating and Cooling is a 24-hour service.