FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Over the course of June, Lutheran Hospital will discontinue two “low volume specialty services,” according to Lutheran Health Network.

Lutheran Health said the two services — heart transplants and inpatient burn care — are “highly specialized” services that served less than 100 patients in 2022.

In addition to the services rarely being utilized, Lutheran Health said a vast majority of burn patients came from areas outside Allen County.

“Our long-term strategy is focused on services that patients are using the most,” said Lutheran Hospital CEO Clyde Wood.

Starting June 2, Lutheran Hospital’s inpatient burn unit will no longer accept new patients, and patients currently receiving care in the inpatient burn unit will be evaluated and transferred to another burn center if treatment continues past July 1.

However, Lutheran Health said emergency burn care will continue.

Lutheran Hospital’s heart transplant staff will help patients on the waiting list for a new heart transfer their care to transplant centers in Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Ohio, or another program of the patient’s choice.

“We are grateful for the physicians and staff who made offering these services possible and the patients who put their trust in our teams,” Wood said.

Wood also said Lutheran Hospital remains committed to “being an innovative leader in heart care” and listed off some of the other specialized heart care services the hospital offers, including medical cardiology, electrophysiology and heart surgery.