FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- The North Highland Neighborhood and Active Transportation Coalition of Fort Wayne have teamed up to bring artwork and school safety to Price Elementary School. Recently, the crosswalks and sidewalks have been painted to bring awareness to drivers in the area to slow down.

The colors red, black, and white represent Price Elementary’s school colors. Price Elementary also added a new parent pick-up area to clear streets next to the school, for better traffic flow.

The active transportation coalition had to receive permits to paint the crosswalks, which they will continue to re-paint to keep the crosswalk colors vibrant for drivers to see.

Neighbor, Lyndsy Porter hopes this inspires other Fort Wayne Neighborhoods to do the same.

“I’m excited to see what other neighborhoods are doing to support their schools and hopefully this will inspire other neighbors,” said Porter.”I know it has definitely inspired me to reach out and see what other creative outside-of-the-box ideas there are to support our teachers and students,” Porter explains.

The neighborhood of North Highland even helped donate school supplies for the kids of Price Elementary.

Volunteer of the Active Transportation Coalition, Betsy Kachmar says it has been a collective effort to help Price Elementary.

“Teachers and the staff have just been amazed, it has certainly made them feel better about starting the school year with a real positive note that the neighborhood had their back,” Kachmar said. “I think that has been really neat, everybody when we were out painting, people would stop in their cars and say you know you can drive on that and they say no no I want to stop and talk to you about this or that and thank you for doing this,” said Kachmar.

A local artist who helped paint explains how the colors of Price Elementary bring awareness to drivers.

“The vision was to echo the branding and logo of Price Elementary, but make something that is fun for children, including the paw prints and the panda and bright colors that would help attract the eye of the drivers to slow them down and let them know this a crosswalk,” explains Suzanne Rhee. “This is a place where you need to be aware of pedestrians and kids, so it is all making things inventive and fun but also safer for the community,” Rhee said.

A statement from Fort Wayne Community Schools,

“We appreciate the neighborhood supporting Price Elementary. Our schools are truly part of the neighborhoods they serve, and this is a great example of a community taking ownership of their neighborhood school.” -Krista Stockman, Public Information Officer.

Active Transportation also partners with FWCS for their bike or walk to school day. There will also be more crosswalk painting projects at Hamilton Park.